Parkinson's disease (PD)and melanoma are significantly associated

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It is reported that although doctors are known to have a link between these diseases, but it is unclear why a disease can increase the risk of another disease.

Dr. Lauren Dalvin, the first author of the study, noted that future studies will primarily identify common genes, immune responses, and environmental risks that may be associated with both diseases. "If we can accurately identify the link between Parkinson's disease and melanoma, we will be able to better explain to patients and their families that the risk of a disease in a given environment," she said.

According to the United States National Parkinson Foundation, Parkinson's disease is a progressive brain dysfunction disease, its symptom is including tremble, stiffness and walking difficulty.According to the American Cancer Society, melanoma is a kind of skin cancer, which has much lower diasease incidence than other forms of skin cancer, while the largest proportion of death in skin cancer. The initial symptoms of melanoma are new spots on the skin, or the nevus having significant changes in the size, shape or color.

It is reported that the previous studies have shown that Parkinson's medicine,levodopa,may have a negative effect in triggering melanoma, but the new research findings and other studies deny this inference, the researchers said.

Nearly 1,000 Parkinson patients were involved in the new study and compared their research findings with 3,000 peoples who had little movement difficulty. In addition, more than 1,500 patients with melanoma were involved in the study also at the same time , and all research volunteers were from the same county in Minnesota.

The researchers pointed out that because of these diseases have a close link,so that on the treatment of any disease the doctors should be noted that the possibility of another disease symptoms. The researchers also advised doctors to explain the risk of other related diseases to patients.

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