What is breast hyperplasia?

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Some women have breast self-test awareness, finding a small lump without paying attention, heart suddenly surprised, worried about is tumor. In fact, this tumor may be breast hyperplasia in most of the time.

What is breast hyperplasia?

Breast hyperplasia, also known as chronic cystic breast disease, is the most common breast disease in women,and the disease was increasing year by year trend in recent years, age is getting younger.The main symptoms are breast pain and mass. The breast pain is generally before menstruation, reducing after menstruation.


What is the reason?

The cause of breast hyperplasia is mainly in vivo estrogen and progesterone imbalance, leading to the breast with the menstrual cycle and hyperplasia over and incomplete; In addition, the breast tissue hormone receptor abnormalities and abnormalities, resulting in inconsistent degree of proliferation of various ministries. Confined to a proliferation of mass, need to distinguish between breast cancer.

How to prevent?

For the limitations of breast hyperplasia which need to pay attention to observation, especially those with high risk factors for breast cancer, if any malignant transformation, the need for timely biopsy pathological examination. In particular, one of the first-degree relatives (sisters or mothers) has unilateral breast or ovarian cancer, one of whom is under 50 years of age, or one with bilateral breast cancer, and needs BRCA1 and BRCA2 mutations Detection of genes. Genetic mutations carry a lifetime risk of breast cancer as high as 80%. The same time as


Breast hyperplasia treatment is mainly symptomatic treatment, that is to relieve the symptoms of breast tenderness, oral or topical Chinese medicine; if there is no special discomfort, do not need treatment, regular inspection can be.


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