Will rubbing the bath lead to skin cancer?

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When I take a bath, I like to rub with a bath towel, but one day my friend sent me a message saying, "rubbing the bath, hard scrubbing will cause fragile skin damage, bacteria, fungi into the inner skin, over time will cause skin cancer! I would like to ask the experts, is the argument true? Really can not scrub the bath?

From: Life Time,June 9, 2017, 04th edition


Currently clinically proven to cause skin cancer factors, including four categories,firstly is chemical carcinogens, such as regular exposure to arsenic, tar and asphalt workers are susceptible to skin cancer; Secondly, chronic stimulation and inflammation, such as like tobacco or betel nut, Oral or laryngeal parts prone to squamous cell carcinoma; Thirdly, ionizing radiation, such as the workers engaging in radiation for a long-term, patients receiving radiation therapy, having the high risk for skin cancer; Fourthly, some treatments, such as the use of immunosuppressive treatment stage Patients, immune system dysfunction, susceptible to skin cancer. Skin surface of the stratum corneum, lipid membrane together constitute the skin barrier protective layer, not only can protect the body from external damage, but also to prevent the body of nutrients, especially the loss of water. Hard to rub with a bath towel will really destroy this layer of protective film, but the skin cancer caused by the argument is too exaggerated, there is no scientific basis.


Advocating a busy bath, but not "save the wash, hard to rub". It is suggested that each time with a soft sponge dipped in shower gel gently scrub, only in the elbow, knee and other parts of the stratum corneum thick layer can be used.


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