• What is the Supercritical CO2 process?

    The Supercritical CO2 process was found to be selective in the separation of desired compounds without leaving toxic residues in extracts and without the risk of thermal degradation of processed products. Through the exploitation of the solvating power acquired by fluids near their critical points and the sensitivity of this power to small perturbations in temperature, pressure and modification of the solvent with the addition of entrainers, solvent-free extracts were readily obtained due principally to the high volatility of these solvents at ambient conditions. The favorable transport properties of fluids near their critical points also allow deeper penetration into solid plant matrix and more efficient and faster extraction than with conventional organic solvents.
    Supercritical fluid extraction has proven effective in the separation of essential oils and its derivatives for use in the food, cosmetics, pharmaceutical and other related industries, producing high-quality essential oils with commercially more satisfactory compositions (lower monoterpenes) than obtained with conventional hydro-distillation (Ehlers et al., 2001; Diaz-Maroto et al., 2002; Ozer et al., 1996).
  • Are these Ganoderma Supplements at this online store safe?

    Yes!   Ganoderma, itself, has been used for thousands of years in China with few negative health effects. When taken as directed and with common sense, most Chinese herbal supplements are as safe as common food items.
    As a manufacturer, we ensure that our products meet the safety expectations of our customers.  100% of our Ganoderma formulas are certified with “GMP” (Good Manufacturing Practices), an organization that extensively tests the raw herbs and the finished products for quality and purity.
    Furthermore, 99% of all our Ganoderma supplement formulas at this website are extracted by advanced Supercritical CO2 extraction technique.
    So our Sino-Sci ZK Ganoderma products are guaranteed to be free of any heavy metal, pesticides, any artificial flavoring, any artificial colors, preservatives, derivatives, yeast, sugar, lactose, wheat, gluten, sodium.
  • Are these Ganoderma Supplements at this online store natural product?

    Our raw material of Ganoderma, which provides extracts of Triterpene, or Polysaccharides etc., is from our national owned pollution-free Linhgzhi base at Huangshan Mountain of China.
    Huangshan is a mountain area at about 500-1000 meters above sea level in Anhui China, which is a pollution-free mountain area, thereby environmentally appropriate and meets the principle of Chinese supreme herbs growing conditions.
    This base of cultivation is operated and managed by Chinese Academy of Sciences, Nanjing Zhongke Ganoderma Lucidum Group Co. which is certified with the GMP international standard.
    All spores collected will go through a rigorous screening process, we select only the mature spore powder, send it to the cyclone selection stage, and then finally to the ultrasonic purification stage as to ensure the highest purity of spore powder.  Thus ensuring every cell of the spore powder is of the highest quality.
  • Are Ganoderma Lucidum Products at this online store medicine?

    No!  They are neither medicines nor drugs! It is a dietary herbal food supplement with functional values.
  • How long does a person take Zhongke products to see symptoms obviously improved?

    Symptoms improvement need time. It is closely related with each person's physical absorption. Because the main raw material of Zhongke brand health products are Chinese traditional herbal extracts.Body recuperationneeds a process. People with normal constitution generally taking Zhongke products for two months (one period of treatment) can feel obvious effect; People with good constitution will see the effects less than one period of treatment and those whose absorption are relatively weak need to 2 period of treatment to see obvious effect.Sub-health is not formed in a day, so people need time to restore health. Just keep  takingZhongkebrand health products, the body will get better and better!
  • Why choose taking Zhongke brand product?

    Zhongke products almost cover all fields (anti-tumor, liver, cardiovascular diabetes, prostate,and daily health care series, etc).Zhongke is supported by powerful talent strength, backbone members are researchers, senior engineers, doctors, and masters;With global Supercritical CO2Extraction technology and unique collectionlow temperaturecold chain technologyfrom raw material to production. Zhongkecurrently has 129 domestic and international patents, including two PCT inventioninternational patent ;Zhongkehas a fully enclosed GMP standard production workshop, hundred thousands of cleanliness. With remote monitoring system, Zhongek gets real time monitoringof entire production. Zhongke strictly follows quality control system, all products will be launched to the market after the test of the precision instruments;Zhongke products are throughout all the major capital cities and municipalities in China, at the same time zhongke products are exported to more than 60 countries, including the United States, Canada, Germany, the Netherlands, Switzerland, Singapore, Japan, Thailand, Bangladesh, etc.

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